Carswell Chiropractic and Massage - Company Message
WE ARE OPEN for ALL Chiropractic Services as well as Registered Massage Therapy!!!!!!!

We have implemented changes to our clinic to minimize exposure for both staff and patients.  Below are some of the changes made:
-Appointments are now 30 minutes apart 
-We have disposable protective facemasks available for patients 
-Plexiglas shield at the front desk
-Removal of extra chairs from the waiting room
-Dr. Carswell and RMTs will be wearing a mask
-Disinfecting treatment rooms between patients
-Hand Sanitizer in each room (Thank you Hiram Walker and the City of Windsor, for providing Windsor small businesses with complimentary hand Sanitizer!) 

We ask that you please be punctual for appointments in order to maintain proper physical distancing. 

Please remember that HAND HYGIENE (which includes not touching your face) remains at the top of the list of importance.  

In order to make an appointment in person with Dr. Carswell or one of our Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs), please:
1. Call the clinic (519)967-0660 and leave a detailed message.
2. Email the clinic directly at
3. Message the clinic directly on facebook.

Please read the following COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire before coming to the clinic.  There will be a printed copy at the clinic for you to sign to ensure the safety of all parties involved:

COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire

Due to the recent Pandemic of COVID-19, Carswell Chiropractic and Massage respectfully requires all staff and our valued chiropractic and massage patients to complete this questionnaire before entering the clinic.  It is available on our website and on the front door of the clinic (visible from outside).  If you answer YES to ANY of the questions, please so NOT enter the clinic.  Thank you for understanding.

1. Are you currently experiencing any one of the following: fever; new onset of cough; worsening chronic cough; or difficulty breathing?  ( Y / N )

2. Have you, or anybody that you live with, traveled outside of Canada in the last 14 days OR been in contact with somebody with acute respiratory illness?  ( Y / N )

3. Do you have a confirmed case of COVID-19, or have you been in contact with a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19?  ( Y / N )

4. Do you have TWO (or more) of the following symptoms?
-Sore throat
-Hoarse Voice
-Difficulty swallowing
-Loss of sense of smell or taste
-Unexplained fatigue/malaise
-Abdominal pain
-Pink eye
-Runny nose/sneezing without other known cause
-Nasal congestion without other known cause
( Y / N )

5. If you are 65 years old (or older), are you experiencing any of the following symptoms: delirium; unexplained or and increased number of falls; acute functional decline; or worsening of chronic conditions?
( Y / N ) 

THANK YOU WINDSOR!!!  We will all get through this together.


We are pleased to announce the addition of TWO new Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) to the Carswell Chiropractic and Massage Team!!!  
-Now booking Appointments...(519)967-0660

Sarah Paliwoda (Left) is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 4:00-9:00, Saturday from 8:00-8:00, and every other Sunday from 8:00-8:00.  

Katie Moore (Right) is available Monday 9:00-6:00, Tuesday 1:00-8:00, Wednesday 9:00-5:00, Thursday 12:00-8:00, and Friday 9:00-5:00. Katie has worked with the public for years and is excited to begin her new career.  Graduating from CCHST, Katie strives to individualize each treatment to her clients' specific needs.  She offers a wide variety of daytime and evening appointments.  

Regular Chiropractic Hours for Dr. Carswell

Sunday          Closed
Monday         7:00-12:30     1:30-5:00
Tuesday                             1:00-7:00
Wednesday    7:00-1:00
Thursday       8:00-12:00     2:00-7:00
Friday           7:00-12:30     1:30-5:00
Saturday       8:00-12:00  

We have FOUR Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) 
(hours and days are subject to change during the Pandemic)

-Carrie Carswell (Tuesday, Wednesday)
-Gregory Mastrogiacomo (Monday, Wednesday, and most Tuesdays)
-Sarah Paliwoda (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and every other Sunday)
-Katie Moore (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Please call for an appointment. (519)967-0660

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